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The Miniature Service Center is owned and operated by Doug Carroccio.  Doug has led a colorful life, to say the least!  He was raised in an Italian Neighborhood in Chicago and ended up becoming the leader of one of the local street gangs.  His pursuit of this lifestyle eventually led to his becoming president of the Illinois chapter of one of the most notorious motorcycle gangs running in the Midwest.  Here's a picture from Doug's bike gang days...
Believe it or not, that's Doug!
Following this subculture caused Doug's life to generally deteriorate.  He turned to Jesus Christ for help and freedom, and he is now Assistant Pastor at the Calvary Christian Center, an Assemblies of God Church in California.  For more information on this congregation, you can visit their website by clicking here.  Here's a picture of Doug now.
What a difference!
Doug was introduced to military miniatures at an early age, when he began collecting Marx toy soldier sets.  His collection eventually grew to over 10,000 figures.  He moved along to 54mm figures as a teenager, and after his conversion he discovered wargaming.  Over the years he has had collections in many periods and scales, but 40mm is his favorite now.  His collections include the AWI, ACW, Wild West, and Medievals. Most of the "Battles" Doug has, take place in his home of which he has a 15 foot by 5 foot gaming table with all the bells and whistles to go along with it. Many of the "battle" photographs are from Doug's personal collection, photographed during actual events at his home. Doug has many who game with him including Police, teachers, fathers and sons, and numbers of High School and collage age young people. It's not uncommon to see as many as 15 players at one of his games, the average being about 8 to 10 gamers at a time.
Doug's "shop" is run out of his home in Yuba City, California.
Here's the inside of the shop...
...and here's another view.
As you can see, Doug keeps his shop well stocked!  You can rest assured that, if you order it, it is most likely in stock and ready to ship to you without delay.

Here's Doug & friends at a trip to Petersburg Battlefield House in 2008. Seated in red is Sean Judd, designer for Trident Design. Seated next to him is Professor Del Smith, a gaming buddy of Doug's. Crouching in yellow is Ian Payne, a gaming buddy of Peter Helm's, who is standing wearing a hat. He's the former owner of Redoubt. Of course, the stately gentleman with his arm on Ian's shoulder is Doug!

Here are Doug and Peter, discussing how they might fit this cannon into Peter's satchel... Okay, they are actually discussing some of the finer points of the battle. What a beautiful park!

A likely gun crew! Unfortunately, the park wouldn't let them have any shot to test their skills.

Well... everyone's got to have lunch sometime! I don't know who was responsible for cooking, but Peter appears to be in charge of drinks.

Thanks for visiting The Miniature Service Center.  We look forward to hearing from you soon!

- Doug Carroccio, Proprietor

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