AWB 401- Standard bearer Marching
AWB 402- Marching, right foot extended.
AWB 403- Marching, right foot forward (less than 402)
AWB 404- Marching, Left foot forward

AWB 405- Marching Left foot stepping, hand by side
AWB 406- Marching left foot stepping, hand forward a bit
AWB 407- Officer marching with sword
AWB 408- Officer / Sgt. marching with halberd
AWB 409- Standard Bearer marching
AWB 410- Drummer marching
AWB 411- Bagpiper marching
AWB 412- Officer charging waving sword in the air / pistol in the other hand
AWB 413- Standard Bearer charging standard in one hand pistol in the other
AWB 414- Charging musket held upright
AWB 415- Charging leveled musket